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The Functional PCOS Group program is for you if:

  • You feel confused about PCOS and how to manage it

  • You want to learn from experts with real-world results helping PCOS

  • You want to learn about the root causes of PCOS and figure out your own

  • Customized supplement protocol for your unique PCOS symptoms

  • You want to join a community of like-minded people who live with PCOS as well

  • Want help knowing what to eat, how to meal prep, and what groceries to buy

  • Want to understand how to reduce symptoms like facial hair and acne

  • Want to be guided by supportive, understanding experts who have been there too

A Functional Approach to PCOS

Functional nutrition is all about getting to the root cause of health issues and addressing the deeper needs of the body to bring about optimal health. In functional work, we believe the body is a system and every part is connected- this means the best approach is an integrative and holistic one. In the Functional PCOS Group Program, you'll learn how to think about PCOS through this lens while implementing practical guidance to make real, lasting changes in your lifestyle. This group program starts April 2023 and will have weekly meetings on Thursdays. Sessions are viewable if you are not able to make the weekly sessions.
  • 12 Weeks of Learning

    Each week you'll have a lecture on a PCOS specific topic with Amber and Hannah specifically designed to help you make practical changes that will help your symptoms and learn the root causes of PCOS.

  • Guidance and Support

    Get one on one visits and guidance with Hannah and Amber to help address the root of your PCOS. Share comradery and support in a group-specific community. Ask questions and get guidance and answers during Q&A sessions.

  • What to Eat and How

    Weekly meal plans and grocery lists will help you stay on track while Hannah and Amber teach you exactly how to modify your diet to improve your PCOS.

Here's What's Included

  • 12 weeks of lectures on PCOS topics like insulin resistance, gut health, inflammation, adrenal health, hormone balance, acne, weight loss, fertility and more!

  • 2 one on one calls with Hannah and Amber to discuss your PCOS and best path forward

  • 12 WEEKS of weekly meal plans and grocery lists

  • Weekly homework to help you hit your PCOS weight loss, fertility, hair loss goals

  • Bonus content on fertility, cycle tracking, mitochondria support and more!

  • Downloadable resources and guides on PCOS recipe ideas, acne, hair loss, labs to ask your doctor for, and more

  • Supportive community to ask questions and get answers

  • Q&A sessions with Hannah and Amber, two PCOS experts

  • Optional add-ons like functional lab testing for food sensitivities, hormones, and more

Functional PCOS Testimonials


"The functional PCOS course was the best decision I have made in my PCOS journey. After being diagnosed, I was feeling really overwhelmed with how much information was out there and wasn't quite sure where to start in my healing journey. I came across Hannah and Amber on TikTok and really loved their approach. Throughout the program, they were both so wonderful in explaining everything, always available for questions and most importantly, support along the way. I loved all of the lecture topics and really enjoyed the guest speakers they brought in. Post program, I feel like a different person: I'm managing stress better, knowing what to eat and what supplements to take to help support my PCOS type and feel really hopeful about my journey ahead."


"This program has truly been life changing for me! I was hesitant to sign up at first because I felt like my lifestyle was already pretty healthy, but I couldn’t be happier that I did. I have learned so much information about how to take care of myself and manage my PCOS symptoms in the best way possible. Amber and Hannah are both so helpful and taught me how to life a sustainable and healthy life instead of a strict one. I also gained a sense of community from this program that I didn’t have before. I feel way more confident after all of the valuable information that I have learned from this program and would recommend it to anyone with PCOS who wants to take charge of their symptoms."


"I have been lucky enough to be apart of both 1-1 Coaching with Hannah and the Functional PCOS Group with Amber and Hannah, and I can’t say enough how much all of their expertise and support has helped me on my PCOS journey. I’m now able to make conscience decisions in my every day life, from what I eat to how I exercise and how much I prioritize sleep, to improve my health and quality of life. It was so much easier for me to start implementing healthier lifestyle choices once I understood the “why” behind how they would help my PCOS. This program has helped me build sustainable healthy habits and working with other women who have PCOS has given me a great sense of community. It can be really hard to implement big lifestyle changes but having the support and guidance from Amber and Hannah, as well as the other members of the group. made all the difference for me"



"Learning about the multiple things that are interconnected has been eye opening. I always thought that my PCOS was only about insulin resistance my family history with Diabetes, but it's been helpful to learn that some of my other health issues are related so I can speak with my doctor about them."

The proof is in the pudding!


"The value that I got from working with Hannah focusing on Functional PCOS values has been amazing. Not only have I lost 10 lbs so far just by focusing on managing insulin resistance, but she provided the support and accountability that I needed to be consistent. What I have learned during this time has set me up for success and I am super excited to see how I continue to progress with feeling more balanced and regulating my cycle."

Ready to Join Us?

We can't wait to meet you and watch you succeed!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome! Here's Where to Start!

    • Welcome Info!

    • Terms of Service

    • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreement

    • Tell us about YOU!

    • Symptoms Questionaire

    • 3 Day Recall

  • 2

    Week One- Welcome and Orientation + the PCOS Plate



    • Supplement Starter Kit

    • PCOS-Friendly Bars and Shakes

    • Sweeteners for PCOS

    • Snacks

    • Fall Recipe Bonus

    • Do you need to go gluten and dairy FREE?

    • PCOS Anytime Meals

    • How To Plan PCOS-Friendly Meals

    • Functional PCOS Meal Guidelines




    • Week One Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • Week Two Meal Plan/ Grocery List

    • Week One Zoom Link

    • Week One Recorded Meeting

  • 3

    Week Two- The ROOT Causes of PCOS + Supplements


    • PCOS Type Quiz

    • Priority Pyramid Worksheet

    • Comprehensive Supplement Guide Video pt 1 (Bonus)

    • PCOS Supplements Guide

    • Salmon Cooking Demo

    • Protein in Common Foods

    • Fiber for PCOS

    • Labs for PCOS Guide

    • (Bonus Video) Labs for PCOS- Part 1

    • (Bonus Video) Labs for PCOS- Part 2

    • Week Two Zoom Link

    • Week 3 Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • Week 2 Recording

  • 4

    Week 3- Insulin Resistance and PCOS


    • Blood Sugar Tips for Insulin Resistance

    • Insulin Resistance + Blood Sugar Tips

    • Week Three Zoom Link

    • Week Four Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • Week 3 Recording

  • 5

    Week 4- Gut Health for PCOS/Estrogen Dominance



    • Food Macro List

    • Reintroducing Foods After Elimination Diets

    • Testing information/pricing

    • Mini-Guide to Gut Healing

    • Gut Health Worksheet

    • Week 4 Zoom Link

    • Week Five Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • Week Five Recording

  • 6

    Week 5- Hair Loss and Acne in PCOS




    • Strategies for Facial Hair

    • BONUS- PCOS Guide to Meal Prepping and Planning

    • Week Five Zoom Link

    • Week Six Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • Week 5 Live Recording

  • 7

    Week 6 - Rest Week!

    • Week 7 Meal Plan/Grocery List

  • 8

    Week 7- Fertility and PCOS with Guest Dora Toma of @yourfertilitycoachdora

    • Dora Toma Fertility and PCOS slides


    • Snacks for Pregnancy

    • Vitex for PCOS

    • Week 8 Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • Week 7 Zoom Link

    • Week 7 Recording

  • 9

    Week 8- Adrenals, Stress, and PCOS



    • Self Care and PCOS

    • Sleep Hygiene Tips

    • Stress Reduction for PCOS

    • Week 8 Zoom Link

    • Week 9 Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • Week 8 Recording

  • 10

    Week 9- Mindfullness for PCOS with guest Jenn Mason of @ceibawellness

    • Jenn Mason- The Stories We Tell Slides

    • Guided Meditation for PCOS (bonus)

    • Week 8 Zoom Link

    • Week 10 Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • The Stories We Tell

    • Week 9 Recording

  • 11

    Week 10- Weight Loss and Exercise



    • PCOS and Holiday/Travel Meal Planning

    • Understanding Hunger, Satiety, and Cravings + Tips with Amber

    • Weight Loss Tips

    • Sample Menu- Weight Loss

    • Sample Menu- Maintenance

    • Weight Loss Intensive- Food Diary Critiques

    • At Home Workout Guide

    • Symptoms Questionaire

    • Week 10 Zoom Link

    • Week 11 Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • Week 10 Recording

  • 12

    Week 11: Low Tox Living/ Endocrine Disruptors and PCOS




    • Week 11 Zoom Link

    • Create A Healthy Home Recording

    • Week 12 Meal Plan/Grocery List

  • 13

    Week 12- Q&A and Wrapping Up

    • End of Course Survey

    • Wrapping Up

    • Week 12 Zoom Link

  • 14

    Course Resources

    • Bonus Meal Plan/Grocery List

    • Matcha Latte Recipe

Pricing options

Meet the Instructors

Amber and Hannah are both experts in the field of PCOS nutrition. They also both have PCOS and deeply understand what it's like to live with PCOS and successfully manage it.


Amber Fischer

Amber Fischer is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. She has a Master's Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Nutrition Association. Amber has been a private practice nutritionist specializing in PCOS since 2015.


Hannah Muehl

Hannah is a both a Registered Dietitian and a Physician Assistant with a passion for hormone health and PCOS. She first got her Masters degree in Nutrition and then furthered her education to become a Physician Assistant. She believes that PCOS can be managed at the root with lifestyle medicine and has helped women get their periods back, get pregnant, and clear PCOS related skin conditions with nutrition and healthy living.

Bonus Materials Included in Your Program

A few extra perks just for our Spring '23 group!

  • Labs and Supplements for PCOS Guide

    Thorough guide on the best lab tests to ask for from your doctor and what they mean, plus the details on all the most common (and least common) supplements for PCOS- what they are, how they're used, who they're good for and where to find them!

  • Fertility and PCOS 101

    This bonus webinar will give you the details on how PCOS impacts your fertility and what you can do to specifically support yourself when trying to conceive, whether naturally or through reproductive assistance

  • Guest Lectures on Fertility and Mindfullness

    Special webinars from some of our favorite fellow practitioners of health and wellness modalities to give you a well-rounded perspective on managing PCOS. Learn mindfulness techniques from experts in mind-body medicine and fertility for PCOS from a fertility specialist coach! Both lectures will have the opportunity for live Q&A


  • When is the program?

    The Functional PCOS 2023 Spring Cohort will run for 13 weeks (one week is a break week) in April-July 2023. Weekly sessions will be on Thursday at 7:30PM eastern time starting the week of April 23rd. The sessions are recorded if you are unable to attend live, although we love to see your face weekly!

  • Will this course help me lose weight?

    The changes you make during this course may help you lose weight if it's something you would like, but the course is not weight-focused. We aim to present only factual, evidence-based information and will support you whether you'd like to lose weight or not!

  • Will I have to give up any food groups?

    No! We will discuss the reasons why removing food groups is sometimes recommended and who it might help or harm so that you have all the information. We will not ask you to give up any food during this program, but will simply teach you a healthier way of enjoying the foods you love!

  • Will I have to count calories?

    No! The course meal plans are designed to do all that work for you. You just follow the meal suggestions and you'll automatically be in a healthy calorie range. Our goal is for you to not have to obsess over calories and macros, but to learn how to focus on the most important things to get the most out of your PCOS diet.

  • Will I have one on one time with Hannah or Amber?

    Yes! At the beginning of the course you'll have a 30 minute video call with either Hannah or Amber and toward the end of the program you'll have another 30 minute call with the instructor you didn't meet at the beginning. This way, you'll spend time with both Hannah and Amber one one one and will get direct guidance as you follow the program. We will also have Q&A sessions and a community group so that you are able to ask questions and get answers!

  • Who is this course not best for?

    The course is not right for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle as the meal plans are animal protein based, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding are also not the best fit for the course.

  • What's the refund policy?

    We are taking great care to ensure this course is a great, high-value experience for you and the course is limited to a smaller number of participants. For this reason, no refunds will be issued. If you selected a payment plan, the payment plan must be completed in full.

  • What about my medications from my doctor?

    This course is great if you are trying to manage your PCOS completely naturally OR if you are interested in using your prescribed medications + lifestyle to better your PCOS.

Ready to sign up?

You're ready to change your life! See you soon!