A four week group program to help you clear acne, lose weight, and get a more regular period!

Join today for this four week opportunity! PCOS Essentials Academy will run starting in 2024 from January 3rd- January 24! This four week program will help you manage your PCOS weight gain, acne, hair loss, and fertility.

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What is the PCOS Essentials Academy?

PCOS Essentials Academy is a 4 week Course by two PCOS nutrition experts that gives you all the information and guidance you need to start improving your PCOS now! First session is January 3rd and sessions will be Wednesdays weekly.

  • Learn the essential nutrition knowledge you need for PCOS

  • 4 weeks of live lessons (and option to go at your own pace!) that begin the week of January 3rd

  • Group chat with Amber and Hannah to get your PCOS questions answered

  • 4 weeks meal plan, grocery list, and cooking guidance

  • Bonus materials on meal prepping for PCOS & supplements for PCOS

  • Guidance from supportive, understanding experts who have been there too

  • Wednesday evening live sessions recorded for later viewing if you are unable to make it!

Why PCOS Essentials Academy?

Life doesn't stop once you get a PCOS diagnosis, but it can feel like everything has changed. Suddenly, you realize that your symptoms like weight gain, facial hair, acne, and irregular periods might all be connected! 

You begin to research and discover that an adjustment in diet and lifestyle is the most important change to make, but it's easy to get lost on the many different paths. 

The right nutrition and lifestyle changes for PCOS are remarkably simple and don't include overwhelming tasks like counting carbs or calories, running marathons, or completely removing foods you love.   In the PCOS Essentials Academy, these are the changes you will learn!

The PCOS Essentials Academy is designed so that Hannah and Amber, nutrition experts with over a decade of experience helping women with PCOS, can help you to rebalance your food and lifestyle so you can get back to simply living. 

Change is in the air, and this is the perfect time to change your relationship to PCOS.  Whether you are newly diagnosed, or have been living with this condition for years- Hannah and Amber will break down the complexity of PCOS nutrition into easy-to-follow lessons with actionable steps to take to start making real changes.

Join the live recordings and Q&A sessions, work at your own pace, or a little of both.  

We can't wait to meet you! 

Learn at your own pace! This cohort begins January 3!

Weekly live sessions optional, recordings and resources available for a full year!

Each week includes a live recording session where Hannah and Amber will present a lesson on PCOS. If you can't make it or get behind on lessons, you'll have a full year of access to the program- watch the recordings, utilize the resources, and make the changes as you're comfortable and able.

Curriculum Sneak Peak

This is just a taste of what you'll learn in the PCOS Essentials Academy!

  • 1


    • Terms of Service

    • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreement

  • 2

    Chapter 1: Understanding PCOS

    • Week One Meeting

    • Week One Recording

    • Meal Plan Week One

    • Symptoms Questionaire

    • 3 Day Recall

    • Supplement Starter Kit

    • Labs for PCOS Video Pt 1

    • Labs for PCOS Video Pt 2

    • Labs Guide

    • Protein in Common Foods

    • Root Causes of PCOS, PCOS Diagnosis- Week One Presentation

    • Week One Action Steps

    • Do you need to go gluten and dairy FREE?

    • Sweeteners for PCOS

    • Snack Ideas

    • How To Plan PCOS-Friendly Meals





    • Comprehensive Supplement Guide Video pt 1

  • 3

    Chapter 2: The PCOS Plate and Eating for Blood Sugar

    • Week Two Meeting

    • Week 2 Recording

    • Meal Plan Week 2

    • The PCOS Plate

    • PCOS + Insulin Resistance

    • Sweeteners for PCOS

    • Fall Recipe Bonus

    • Food Macro List

    • Fiber for PCOS

    • PCOS Anytime Meals

    • Exercise and PCOS

  • 4

    Chapter 3: Adrenals + Inflammation with PCOS

    • Week Three Recording

    • Week Three Meeting

    • PCOS Inflammation and Adrenals Presentation

    • Mini-Guide to Gut Healing

    • STRESS + PCOS Presentation

    • Wind Down Ideas + Wind Down Mocktails

    • Self Care and PCOS

    • Sleep Hygiene Tips

    • Stress Reduction for PCOS

    • Meal Plan Week 3

    • Matcha Latte Recipe

    • PCOS Supplements Guide + EXTRA SUPPLEMENT INFO

    • Vitex for PCOS

  • 5

    Chapter Four: The PCOS Lifestyle

    • Week Four Recording

    • Create A Healthy Home

    • Acne + Facial Hair and PCOS




    • Meal Plan Week 4

    • Week Four Meeting

  • 6

    Bonus Videos & Resources

    • Coupons & Discounts

    • PCOS-Friendly Bars and Shakes

    • Supplement Guide Video pt 1 (Bonus)

    • PCOS Supplements Guide

    • Amber's PCOS Guide to Meal Prepping and Planning

Meet your PCOS Expert Instructors


Hannah Muehl

Hannah is a both a Registered Dietitian and a Physician Assistant with a passion for hormone health and PCOS. She first got her Masters degree in Nutrition and then furthered her education to become a Physician Assistant. She believes that PCOS can be managed at the root with lifestyle medicine and has helped women get their periods back, get pregnant, and clear PCOS related skin conditions with nutrition and healthy living.


Amber Fischer

Amber Fischer is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. She has a Master's Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Nutrition Association. Amber has been a private practice nutritionist specializing in PCOS since 2015.

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